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1.To assist clients in local investment policies and laws;

2. To assist clients in negotiation with governmental responsible departments;

3. To assist clients in analyzing the investment risks and related solutions;

4. Due diligence or basic registration file investigation of partners and/or suppliers;

5. To establish foreign invested enterprises, including Chinese-foreign Equity Joint Venture, Chinese-foreign Contractual Joint Venture and Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, and to establish Standing Representative Office, and help clients with missions related to working visa (Z visa) and residency permission;

6. To draft, look through or amend related agreements/contracts and article of association;

7. To assist clients with transferring right of stock and other investment rights and interests, and in arrangement of company policy and management system;

8. To act as a standing lawyer for the newly established enterprise , and do following jobs upon the enterprise's requirement(s) and authorization(s)

> To answer legal inquiries by verbal or written;

> To draft, look through and revise contracts and/or other legal documents;

> To negotiate over matter and/or dispute related to debt and/or creditor's right;

> To draft Lawyer's Letter;

> To draft and publicize legal affiche(s) in public medias;

> To offer latest certain law amendment and latest governments regulations aperiodically;

> To offer staff in the enterprise with basic Chinese law knowledge training;

> To offer law advice for the enterprise's business plans and/or business operations;

> To draft, look through and revise the enterprise's inner management documents, including employment contracts, training agreements and/or non-disclosure agreements, etc;

> To assist the enterprise with negotiation and/or communication with government bureau(s), and/or business partner(s).

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