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All provinces in mainland China

import and export (international trade) and related, transnational investment (formation, operation, transferring and liquidation of company, WFOE, JV, and representative office in China), mergers & acquisitions, IP, debt collection, admiralty and maritime, international private client, non-controversy, litigation and arbitration.


Law School:
School of Law, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Wuhan , LL.B., 1998.

From Feb. 2009 till now, on-job Juris Master Candidate of East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai.


Professional Experience:

0. Pre-practice experiences as an export businessman ---

Before Mr. Sun gets his PRC Qualification Certificate of Law Professions and PRC Lawyer License conferred by PRC Ministry of Justice, he worked in business of import and export in Ningbo totally for 6 years, from job position of export business assistant till export manager, which furnished him with adequate practical knowledge of import & export business operations, such as payment and forwarding, documents and bills, and knowledge over products of electronic and electrical, furniture of both household and office, mould-tooling and chandleries items.

1. Import and export and related practice ĘC Litigation, arbitration, and contract law --

Major area of practice of Sun Jin (Marlow) involves litigation, arbitration and non-controversy law matters of import and export (international trade) and related such as international receivable debt collection, admiralty and maritime. He works for importers from various nations who have legal disputes with Chinese suppliers (factories and export trade companies) over disputes of cargo quality, non-delivery of cargos, and other disputes of breaching contract. He drafts agreements for these importers which including but not limited to sales/purchase agreements, mould-tooling entrustment agreements, sole/exclusive distribution agreements, and so on.

2. Company Law practice --

Mr. Sun also practices in the area of transnational investment which including but not limited to formation, operation, trasferring and liquidation of limited-liability companies, i.e. joint-venture (JV) companies and wholly-foreign-owned-enterprises (WFOE), and representative office(RO) in China, and related jobs such as applying for working visa and residency permit in China. Mr. Sun mainly works over company formation and establishment of company inner management system according to PRC Company Law, and help some over company shares transferring, mergers & acquisitions and liquidation as well.

At present, Mr. Sun is the standing legal consultant (advisor) of several foreign and forein-invested-Chinese companies.

3. IP law --

Together with his team, Mr. Sun practices IP laws as well, including but not limited to IP litigation and non-controversy law matters such as registering, transferring of trade marks and patents in China.

4. ADR practice --

Mr. Sun is an active proponent of Alternative Dispute Resolution. He has represented clients before a variety of arbitration panels and boards. Further, he has acted as a mediator in the disputes between importers and their Chinese suppliers.

Professional Associations:

Mr. Sun is a member of the Ningbo Bar Association, which will surely entitle him the membership in All China Lawyers Association.

Admitted to Practice:

Mr. Sun is admitted to practice in all provinces of mainland China, including before the PRC Supreme Court, the Higher Courts of Provinces, and Intermediate Court of Cities, and all Marine Courts and Railway Courts in PRC.

Recent Presentations and Publications:

Mr. Sun's recent publications include several articles wrote for Ningbo Guide Magazines as follows:

How to protect your Intellectual Property in China? (Published on the Vol 1, Issue 2, July 2007)
Collecting evidence for an IP lawsuit in China (Published on the Vol 1, Issue 4, Sep. 2007)
Some tips about international trade business in China (Published on the Vol 1, Issue 3, August 2007)
Two typical Contract Frauds in International Business (Published on the Vol 2, Issue 10, March 2008)
How Could an US$180 Million Transnational Contract fail finally? (Published on the Vol 2, Issue 11, April 2008)


A graduate of School of Law, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Mr. Sun Jin received his LL.B. degree in 1998 in Wuhan, China.

And at present, he is an on-job Juris Master Candidate of East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai, China.

Internatioal practice -- Mr. Sun offers oversea Clients from below nations and areas with Chinese law services:

USA, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Spain, UK, Hong Kong, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates(Dubai), Italy, Hungary, Panama, Israel, Poland, Trinidad and Tobago, British Virgin Islands, Syria, Greece, Pakistan, Slovenia, Philippines, Colombia, Iraq, Canada, Iran, Sweden, Ghana, etc.


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